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1 suspended following sexual misconduct investigation

SALISBURY An internal investigation into sexual misconduct and harassment at the Salisbury Fire Department is over. Three firefighters were fired and another was demoted "Oxandrolone Powder India" and suspended. Now, the fire chief is outlining a plan to make sure this doesn't happen for a third time.

Salisbury residents say they never felt the problems at the fire department jeopardized their safety. They are disappointed, however, this is the second time something like this Masteron Side Effects For Women' has happened within Buy Cheap Jintropin Online two years at the department.

"It's sad and I think if it would have been handled differently the first time it and maybe more discreetly it wouldn't have got to this point," said Salisbury resident "Oxandrolone Powder India" Patty Hinson.

In February Equipoise Steroid Review last year, firefighter Chet Hedrick was suspended for sexual misconduct. Three others were fired.

According to the city of Salisbury, this week's investigation found Hedrick "received inappropriate pictures" and shared them with coworkers. He also didn't report it as sexual harassment and lied about where the pictures came from.

David Alexander is a retired captain from the Salisbury Fire Department. Despite this happening once before, he says he stands by Fire Chief Bob Parnell's decisions.

Along with Hedrick, firefighters Tim Grisham and Jeremi Carter were terminated for sexual misconduct. Capt. Shawn McBride remains suspended without pay.

"I have no doubt about the integrity of Chief Parnell," said Alexander. "I mean I worked with him 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron for a number of years and and I think he's above reproach."

Parnell released a statement Sustanon 250 4 Ml A Week Friday. "Our department employs many outstanding and dedicated firefighters who have devoted their careers to upholding the long standing tradition of the Salisbury Fire Department and honor daily our oath."

Salisbury Mayor Paul Woodson supports Parnell. "He's got a job to do we know he'll handle this situation and I don't expect it will ever happen again," he said. "I think he'll get a hold of this situation and "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" take care of it."

For many residents, they say they haven't lost any respect for the fire department.

"I don't think so because anywhere you go you're going to have problems and everybody's human," said Hinson.

Parnell also says the fire department will start working on a new course of action Monday to ensure another situation like this doesn't arise again.

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